At Stellenbosch University, our number one goal of the Vision 2040 is to provide a unique, personalised student experience for each and every Matie – a truly transformative student experience. We aim to develop your graduate attributes so that you can be a 21st-century citizen and achieve your full potential – inside and outside of the classroom. SU's Senate has recently approved a new Regulation for Co-Curriculum Recognition, which regulates the formal recognition of co-curricular activities on the academic transcript. This means that your academic transcript will include a summary of all formally assessed learning, awards, and accomplishments that you obtained during your time at the University.


We prepare our graduates for a VUCA world, a world that is marked by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. As a graduate, you will think effectively and critically, achieve some depth in your area of study, and develop an understanding of the ways in which to acquire knowledge and understanding of the universe, society, and the self. More importantly, you will be able to use your knowledge and understanding to find creative solutions for pressing local and global issues.

You are offered the opportunity to engage with a wide range of experiential learning opportunities through participation in leadership programmes, mentoring, tutoring counselling, sport, societies, volunteerism, awareness-raising initiatives, career advice, and many other fields of interest.

The new Regulation for Co-Curriculum Recognition ensures that all our students – not only those who serve informal leadership structures – are afforded the opportunity for recognition of co-curricular activities on the academic transcript.

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