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Department of Educational Technology

The Group for Educational Technology (Edutech) was established in 2001 and is situatededutech pic.png within the School for Geospatial Studies and Information Systems.  Edutech as an academic service department is a multi-purpose unit with varied functions and provides services to both the School for GeoSys and the wider Faculty of Military Science.

Edutech manages the 3 FMS Computers Centres and is responsible for the technological teaching and learning platforms of the Faculty.  Within the teaching and learning sphere, Edutech coordinates the FMS e-learning programme.  The backbone of Edutech’s e-learning systems and the portal services on offer within the Faculty of Military Science are provided by Stellenbosch University.  The role of e-learning as a fundamental pillar of blended learning is set to increase in the future and is a prerequisite of Stellenbosch University in order to enhance the quality of student centred Teaching and Learning.  WebStudies provides a high quality and reliable LMS platform.  Additional technologies are also being used such as Moodle, Exam View and STEPS.  The enhancement of teaching and learning success through initiatives such as the First Year Academy are additional important aspects of the integrated e-campus initiative.