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Why Telematic ?

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“The international benchmark of excellence for a country’s military training and the development of a cadre of officer-leaders lie in the fact that it has a Military Academy. At these institutions, future military leaders receive a thorough grounding in appropriate academic fields, against the background of military expertise. In this way their horizons are expended so that they can, when the times come, exercise the kind of holistic leadership required during unsettled times.” (Prof Chris Brink, former Rector of Stellenbosch University in 2004).

The Military Academy situated at Saldanha Bay in the Western Cape offers higher military education (prestigious and tailor-made Under- and Post Graduate Military Degrees) to officers of the SANDF. This university degree programme is now available to all members of the DOD who wish to study on a part time basis. Upon their acceptance and registration as students in the Faculty of Military Science of Stellenbosch University, they continue their studies via the Interactive Telematic Education (ITE), Mobile, Virtual or E-Learning platform.

What is ITE , Mobile, Virtual or E-Learning?

The internet and internet connectivity between you and us at the Military Academy form the basis of your ITE studies. Your personal computer at home, laptop and smart phone are your vital educational tools you will use on a daily basis. Without those vital electronic instruments as well as internet connection (we don’t rely on “please call me messages”) it is practically impossible to be successful as ITE students. The content of your module (i.e. the lessons and assignments) is electronically available on the internet. You submit your completed assignments electronically to your lecturers who assess them before returning them to you electronically.

Assignments, Tests and Examinations  

ITE students gain entry to their Examinations, normally scheduled for May and November after obtaining a minimum average of 40% in their assignments and Tests respectively. Tests and Examinations are written at Learning Venues near them. Currently we have fourteen Learning Venues throughout the country. 

Is it really worthy to study via the ITE platform?

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The Military Academy strives to maintain and expand its position as the leader in military education. Far from being an elitist institution, we target and recruit those who see themselves as military leaders. All graduates who have successfully completed their degrees on the ITE platform since 2006 have proven great leadership abilities. We truly value and consider them assets to the greater DOD, SANDF and our country.

What’s next?

Enrol now and let us collectively create a future of greater possibility for our beloved country! Ubuhle bendoda busesibayeni – a man’s beauty is in his kraal.