Military Science
Welcome to Stellenbosch University

Welcome message: Commandant


​It is an honour for me as the Commandant of the Military Academy to welcome you at the Military Academy.​

The Military Academy has a rich history of producing strong military leaders who have performed and excelled in their careers in the SANDF. Unfortunately, some have seeked greener pastures in the private sector; and even there, they enjoy the competitive advantage compared to their colleagues. ​

The Military Academy is blessed with three functional pillars namely, the Faculty of Military Science under the strong leadership of the Dean, Prof S.M. Tshehla; Section Military Development under command of Lt Col M. Booÿjens; and the staff compartment that is spearheaded by the COS, Col N. Dlamini. These pillars consist of teams of highly qualified and extremely capable defence officials.

At the Military Academy we embraced a simple philosophy on learning (in addition to military professionalism):

  • Learning is not restricted to the classroom.
  • Militarily-contextualised higher education is a force multiplier.
  • Every serving Official should have an opinion on matters related to defense and security' subject to the following three qualifying criteria:
    • Informed
    • Responsible
    • Serve the common good

      Let me remind you of a number of essential facts that should guide your thoughts and actions from this moment onwards:

  • ​You have been selected from amongst hundreds of hopefuls and have been afforded a very unique opportunity to advance your careers in the SANDF through full-time academic studies.
  • Your Service Chiefs & Career Managers expect only the highest levels of performance; failure is not an option.
  •  This is the South African Military Academy, not a Military University. Kindly educate yourself wrt the difference.
  •  Military Academy is committed to your militarily-contextualised higher education and continued military training as officers; BUT, you are the masters of your own destinies.
  • Your families are extremely proud of you.
  •  No man is an island, take care of your buddy.​

Let us be reminded of the wise words of our beloved late Tata Madiba who said; 'Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world".

Let me contextualised this:​

  • Education alone is of little value; but when skilfully applied to the world-of-work, it can   change the world for the better of mankind.
  • The SANDF has no interest in academic shells; they tend to only make a lot of noise.
The militarily-contextualised higher education that you will receive at the Military Academy is intended to prepare and empower you to deal with undefined/complex problems and to manage uncertainty.

​Allow me to confirm the law on behalf of the SANDF:
  • The reason for your existence over the next three years is to successfully complete your studies and to groom yourself as a young Officer. The following will constitute grounds for immediate termination of your studies:

      •   poor academic performance,
      •   misconduct, and
      •    ill-discipline.