Military Science
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Process to be followed


  1. The candidate (student) prepares the doctoral proposal in consultation with the promotor (in a period up to twelve months).
  2. The promotor approves the proposal and sends it to the Faculty Officer.
  3. The promotor and Dean identify members of the admissions committee.
  4. The Dean (Faculty Officer) arranges a meeting of the admissions committee and sends copies of the research proposal to each member.
  5. The promotor ensures that the student's application has been processed and that he/she has a student number.
  6. The PhD admissions committee meets and takes a decision on the proposal.
  7. If the proposal is accepted, the Faculty Officer (administrator) and promoter with the necessary recommendation (150‐250 words) takes it to the Faculty Board or it is referred to the candidate for revision.
  8. Successful research proposals are included in the Faculty Board report to the next Senate meeting.
  9. The Senate approves the Faculty Board report.
  10. The student may now register.