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Department of Industrial Psychology (Mil)

The subject group focuses on the application of psychological principles and theories in organisational settings. It considers individual, group and organisational behaviour. Special attention is paid to individual differences, employee motivation and job satisfaction; group development, team building and leadership; and organisation design, culture and development. Students will acquire a broad knowledge base in organisational psychology, its research and its applications.

Special focus is made on the implications of individual differences in cultural, gender and age issues. Students will achieve a theoretical and practical basis for supporting and advising individuals on issues pertaining to vocation selection and career development.

Special emphasis is placed on job analysis and design, employee selection and placement, training and development, and performance management and appraisal. Legal and ethical considerations are underscored. Students will gain a working knowledge of the psychological principles in effective organisational staffing.

Special consideration is given to effective leadership issues and practices during the process of organisational change. Students will understand and evaluate the various perspectives on leadership and its role in the achievement of organisational, group and team goals.