​​​Partnership with SIGLA

Since 2011 the Centre for Military Studies (CEMIS) cooperated with the Security Institute for Governance and Leadership in Africa (SIGLA).  SIGLA came about as a joint initiative of the Faulty of Military Science and Stellenbosch University.  SIGLA forms part of the Hope Projects of the Stellenboch University and has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Africa Forum.  Some of the activities of SIGLA include an exchange program between Stellenbosch University, Coventry and Kadir Has University  in Turkey. SIGLA is housed at and affiliated to the School for Public Leadership (SPL), of both institutions. The patron of SIGLA is President Joaquim Chissano, recipient of the Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership and the current chair of the Forum for Former African Heads of State and Government or Africa Forum. The Director of CEMIS serves as a member of the Management Committee of SIGLA.