Military Science
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CEMIS Teaching and Learning activities

The CEMIS team is involved in the teaching and learning activities at:

  • The Military Academy
  • South African National Defence College (SANDC)
  • South African National War College (SANWC)
  • South African Naval College
  • South African Army Gymnasium

The team also plays a role in terms of supervision of post-graduate students.​

Netherlands South Africa International Security Course

Since 2010, CEMIS and the Netherlands Defence Academy (NLDA) have been presenting the annual International Security Course at the Military Academy.  The course aim is to provide junior officers, at the rank level of Candidate Officer (CO) to Captain (and their Navy equivalents), or young civil servants, with a clear descriptive and analytical perspective on international relations and security and help them to form or improve their opinion and develop broader thinking on these matters. ​​