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​​Welcome to the website of the Stellenbosch University Faculty of Military Science.

​​As you browse through our website, you will discover that Stellenbosch University (SU) is the custodian of our Faculty through a contractual agreement with the South African Department of Defence (DoD). The Faculty is located within the SA Military Academy in Saldanha Bay on the West Coast of South Africa. On our Campus, civilian and uniform members work together and learners are members of SA Army, SA Navy, SA Air Force, SA Military Health Services and members of the broader DoD. We are an institution privileged to develop the future military leaders of South Africa and our international partners such as Botswana, France, Mozambique and Namibia.

The Faculty of Military Science is a Faculty rendering service to the DoD by providing professional military education to primarily, but not exclusively, candidate and commissioned officers of the DoD. Our residential learners have already completed their officer’s formative training, but we still devote thirteen percent of the learners’ time to Military Leadership Development in order to enhance their military competencies.

Upon graduation, we feel confident that we are returning wise warriors to their respective military units. They are ready for deployment as military leaders for the various peacekeeping and border patrol operations required of the SA National Defence Force, proud thinking soldiers fit to be 21st century military officers! The Faculty pride itself with our alumni sailing the oceans on our frigates and submarines, our pilots flying fighter aircraft, our army students conquering the challenges of the African terrain, or the Military Health professionals playing their part during operations.

We are proud of the fact that we are the only Faculty of Military Science in South Africa and that our Faculty members have the opportunity to develop expert knowledge in their respective academic disciplines. Of major significance is the fact that all our academic programmes are fully accredited by the Council for Higher Education and that we own an accredited research journal (Scientia Militaria).

Our Faculty members are engaged in teaching, conducting security-related research and being involved in community interaction with the DoD, academic institutions and civil society. We are building capacity to encourage Faculty members to integrate service learning into the curriculum. Furthermore we seek out opportunities for exposure to cutting-edge knowledge through the conceptualisation and planning of academic conferences and through empowering our Faculty members to present academic papers at national and international conferences​.

Approximately thirty percent of our learners are women in a male dominated career and are among our top performers in our Faculty. We are excited about this as we target some of them as future academics through our “grow our own timber” strategy. The Faculty of Military Science is encouraged by the fact that we are a preferred destination for many international military institutions eager to learn more about us and to explore opportunities for collaboration. In addition, various state organs visit us for benchmarking purposes and possible partnerships. There are many other interesting facts you may discover as you journey through our website, for instance greater access is given to civilian and military staff members to study through our Interactive Telematic Education Programme. So, thanks for your interest and enjoy your electronic visit to our Campus, where our motto is “Arm yourself through knowledge” and where we enjoy a Military culture, steeped in tradition.

Prof M.S Tshehla
Dean, Faculty of Military Science
Military Academy