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Department for Mathematics and Statistics

​​The Mathematics courses aim to afford students the opportunity to acquire a sound mathematical foundation and to develop the ability to apply mathematical concepts and procedures and an analytical problem-solving approach. Since the Mathematics program emphasises conceptual thinking, accuracy and competence in problem solving, it is an excellent tool for preparing junior officers for future command posts.

An important reason for studying mathematics is its importance and usefulness in many other fields. It is fundamental to the study of the Physical Sciences and of Military Technology. Formal understanding of mathematical methods and techniques forms the foundation for the acquisition of technological knowledge and competence in the military field.

Statistics forms part of the Department of Mathematics. The main aim of statistics as a discipline is to equip students with the basic knowledge and skills regarding the most important and commonly used statistical techniques.

The science or academic discipline of statistics is based on mathematical methods and has applications in various and multidisciplinary fields of study.  Although students of statistics need to have a sound mathematical background, the emphasis is on the solving of problems encountered in a practical or work-related context.