Military Science
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Geospatial Studies and Information Systems


The School’s main focus areas are:

  1. An offer of a conducive technologically-based learning environment at the Faculty of Military Sciences;
  2. Academic and service assistance to the education of officers towards the acquisition of their B.Mil Degrees and postgraduate Degrees in Military Geography and Computer Information Systems.

The products of the School are able to use computers as tools to solve spatio –related environmental problems and take military decisions pertaining to human –natural environments.

The School’s Mission is: To produce military scholars endowed with relevant knowledge in computer technology and contextual military geographic education gained through practical teaching, learning and practice in computer studies, and military geographic studies in support of the mandate of the Department of Defense, and in compliance with the ideal scholarly foundation requisite of the Military Academy and the University of Stellenbosch.

Departments in the School for GeoSpatial Studies and Information Systems: