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Security and Africa Studies

​​​​​​​​​Focus of School for Security and Africa Studies:


The School for Security and Africa Studies (SAS) is a core element of the Faculty of Military Studies, Stellenbosch University and pivotal to the crafting of future South African military leadership. SAS consists of three departments: the Department of Strategic Studies, the Department of Military History, and the Department of Political Science in support interdisciplinary learning and research. SAS educational programmes are provided to residential, as well as non-residential students by means of Telematic Education (TE). Specialisation is achieved with a selection of post-graduate programmes. Research, a critical component of life-long learning, is strongly promoted in SAS as well through the two dedicated research bodies, namely The Centre for Military Studies (Cemis) and the Security Institute for Governance and Leadership in Africa (Sigla).

Morabaraba and SAS:

Popularised by South African youth, Morabaraba is a gameboard where pieces (also known as cows) are moved from intersection to intersection to marked lines. Through Morabaraba, critical life skills such as analysis and situational awareness are transferred between players. Players learn learn-by-doing, act after planning, and realise that decisions are best if based on analysis.

Just like Morabaraba, the unique role of SAS is to be found at the intersections of the three SAS departments. In Morabaraba, the primary goal is to achieve the alignment of three pieces at each intersection. SAS strives to achieve the interdisciplinary alignment to unlock learning and research synergy amongst the three core military study disciplines.

SAS Programmes:

The School’s nine programmes, as contained in the Stellenbosch University’s Calendar Part 13 (for the Faculty of Military Science), are as follows:

  • BMil in Security and Africa Studies
  • BMil in ​Defence Intelligence Studies
  • BMilHons in Military History.
  • BMilHons in Strategic Studies
  • BMilHons in Security and Africa Studies
  •  MMil in Military History
  • MMil in Strategic Studies
  • MMil in Security and Africa Studies
  • MPhil in Security Management