​​​​​​Vision, mission, values and goals​


A leader in military higher education and professional military development.​​


An academy offering world-class military higher education for the defence and security environment, through socially impactful teaching and learning, innovative research, and professional military development.


  •  Dignity - How we treat others

  • Integrity - How we conduct ourselves

  • Service before Self - Finding honour is placing our nation’s interests ahead of our own

  • Accountability - Acting morally and ethically, adhering to codes of conduct, regulations, policy and instructions​


  • Excellence in core business.

  • Sustain relevance to the DoD & MV.

  • Closer interaction with national partners.

  • Top international academic stature.

  • Project military education to Africa and beyond.

  • Aggressive and focussed projection of the Military Academy.

  • Value and reward high performance.

  • Holistic approach to​ people management.

  • Focussed attention to transformation.