​​​​​​​Division of Surgery


Advancing optimal surgical care in South Africa and beyond.


To optimize surgical care by

  • Creating and sustaining a culture of transformative learning;
  • Contributing to the discovery, sharing and translation of knowledge that will promote health, surgical knowledge and skill
  • Benefiting the broader community by means of education, prevention and treatment 


The FMHS values are endorsed by the Division of Surgery:

  • excellence (to be outstanding at what we do, to be locally relevant and internationally competitive)
  • integrity (to be honest, open, ethical and professional)
  • commitment (to be dedicated to achieving our goals)
  • accountability (to accept responsibility for our decisions and actions)
  • inclusivity (to embrace and support diversity, to create an environment in which people feel valued, respected and supported)
  • innovation (to generate new ideas and strive to develop new products, processes and services that benefit society). 


Head: Prof GVE Oosthuizen
MBChB | FCS (SA) | FACS | PhD | Subspecialist Trauma Surgeon
Chief Specialist: Surgery, Tygerberg Hospital
​Tel: +27 21 938 9271
E-mail: george-oost@sun.ac.za 

Administrative personnel

Mrs Mariska Brand
Secretary to Prof GVE Oosthuizen
Academic Office, SU - postgraduate & postgraduate elective students
​Tel: +27 21 938 9271
E-mail: mbran@sun.ac.za

Mrs Raleah de Klerk 
Administrative Officer
Academic Office, SU - undergraduate & undergraduate elective students
Tel:  +27 21 938 9269​

E-mail: raleah@sun.ac.za

Ms Veronique Adonis
​Senior Admin Clerk
Clinical Office, Tygerberg Hospital - TBH patient ​​matters

Tel:  +27 21 938 5551
E-mail: Veronique.Adonis@westerncape.gov.za

Address: 3rd Floor, Room 150, Tygerberg Hospital