​Department of Pathology



The Department of Pathology provides a community orientated as well as academic pathology service throughout the coastal region.


  • To establish sustainable and relevant outreach programmes pertaining to pathology services and academic activities to the community and peripheral laboratories
  • To add value to existing outreach activities
  • To develop strategic alliances between the disciplines of pathology and the comm

The Department is involved with the training of medical staff and health care workers at regional hospitals and clinics in various aspects of pathology. The Department offers academic support to pathologists and technologists in the Eastern Cape. There is close collaboration with pathologists at Walter Sisulu University utilising telepathology to exchange teaching material and to offer comments on diagnostically challenging cases.

Dr. Monika Esser from the Division of Medical Microbiology is one of the founders and chairperson of the non-governmental organisation HOPE that is engaged in humanitarian activities in the field of HIV/AIDS, and Prof W Preiser from the Division of Medical Virology is on its management committee.

The Division of Anatomical Pathology makes an important contribution to health care through its involvement at a national level in the development and implementation of a national cervical screening programme by the Department of Health.

Staff from Medical Virology teach practical sessions and give lectures for the "South-to-South" training partnership in paediatric HIV management at the Faculty.