​Department of Pathology




Excellence in teaching, training and research pertaining to education in pathology.


  • Establish sustainable and relevant training programmes of superb quality.
  • Add value to existing educational activities with emphasis on community-orientated education.
  • Add direct value to our internal and external environments by collaboration with other role players.
  • Develop synergies in education between disciplines of pathology and the external environment.
  • Conduct research into the basic and applied education of health sciences and in particular pathology.


The Department is involved with lectures and practical sessions for MB,ChB, BSc Physiotherapy, B Occupational Therapy, and BSc Dietetics students from Stellenbosch University, as well as for students from the University of the Western Cape. In addition to the integrated pathology module on Essentials of Disease Processes and a dedicated module in Forensic Medicine, consultants from all pathology divisions also lecture in clinical modules in the 3rd, 4th and 5th years of the MB,ChB programme. The Department offers a practical module in the 4th year of the MB,ChB programme that allows students to visit the laboratories, to receive training in relevant procedures, and to perform case studies that involve all the pathology disciplines. The Division of Forensic Pathology also offers course specific training sessions in morbid pathology to students in law and radiography, and training investigators in the South African Police Services.


The Department offers modularised MMed programmes in the respective pathology disciplines, thereby optimising relevant articulation between postgraduate programmes and utilisation of resources. HonsBScMedSc and MScMedSc programmes, also modularised, are offered in Medical Microbiology and Medical Virology, and PhD programmes in all the pathology disciplines.

In response to the national need for pathologists and medical scientists, the Department increased its number of postgraduate students and training posts for pathologists. In addition, the Department offers specifically designed modules to registrars and students from other Departments to assist them with preparation for Part 1 examinations. The Department also contributes to the training of registrars in Oral Pathology (University of the Western Cape) and postgraduate students from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.