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Prof Faadiel Essop 

Workshop: Physiology teaching and learning during the Covid pandemic: lessons to take forward or more of the same?​


Dr Hanél Sadie-Van Gijsen

Oral Presentation: Characterising divergent metabolic consequences of different obesogenic diets in rats using statistical modelling approaches.

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Dr Bongekile Skosana

Poster Presentation: Can proteomics explain histological changes in reproductive organs induced by obesity?

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Dr Maguerite Blignaut

Oral Presentation: Acute inhibition of Ataxia Telangiectasia Mutated Protein kinase (ATM) improves cardiac function during early reperfusion through attenuation of mitochondrial respiration.
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Dr Frans Everson

  • Oral Presentation: Personal NO2 and BTEX exposure contribute to an increased cardiovascular risk profile in women in the Cape Town Area.
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  • Poster Presentation: Personal NO2 and benzene exposure is associated with molecular ageing in women in the Cape Town region.
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Lisa Marie Ferguson

Oral Presentation: The Identification of the Dopamine Transporter (DAT) and the Effect of Dopamine on Human Sperm Parameters.

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Boipelo Kgokane

Oral Presentation: HIV-infected individuals are predisposed to endothelial dysfunction: Results from the EndoAfrica study.

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Dintle Molopi

Poster Presentation: To investigate the effects of HIV, antiretroviral therapy, and rooibos, on vascular and endothelial function.

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Sarah Harries

​Oral Presentation: The potential link between ATM and aging: Implications for cardiomyocyte senescence.

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