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​​MMed Course Description

The Division of Medical Physiology is responsible for the Physiology component of the MMed (Part1) course as part of specialist training in a variety of health disciplines. This is a self-study course, which is the same for everyone covering all of the physiological systems, regardless of their speciality.


MMed Course Content

MMed (Part 1) Physiology

Enquiries: Prof Hans STRIJDOM

Tel: +27 21 938 9387
Fax: +27 21 938 9476


This is a self-study course, which is the same for everyone who registers for the course, regardless of their speciality.

The examination, which can be written in May/June or October/November, consists of a three hour written paper (for 100 marks). The paper will cover the general physiology listed below.

The pass mark is 50%. There will be six essay questions from different chapters, of which only four need to be answered.

There will be no oral examination for most candidates. Urology, Dermatology and Nuclear Medicine can request such an exam. This oral examination will not contribute more than 20 marks out of 120 marks, made up of the written paper (100 marks) and the oral (20 marks). This oral examination, if it is to take place, will be conducted within three days before or after the written paper. Please consult with your Head of Department concerning the content of the oral examination in these three specialities.


For information regarding exam dates, times and venues, please contact the Exam Office (021 9389309)​


The results of the examination are available within 2 weeks from the exam office (021 938 9309). Please note that the Division of Physiology is unable to distribute examination results.


We recommend Dee Unglaub Silverthorne's Human Physiology, an Integrative Approach, third edition or later, though any equivalent physiology textbook is acceptable.

The following chapters are compulsory reading:

  • Introduction to the Endocrine System
  • Gastrointestinal Tract
  • Sensory Physiology
  • Efferent Division: Autonomic and Somatic Motor Control
  • Muscles
  • Control of Body Movement
  • Cardiovascular Physiology
  • Blood Flow and the Control of Blood Pressure
  • Blood
  • Endocrine control of growth and metabolism:
  • Calcium balance
  • The Immune System

and the following essays:



Persons wishing to register for the MMed / MChD (Part 1) Course need to contact:

Faculty Administration, Clinical Building, Room 1047
Contact: Vanessa  Joseph (Email:; Tel: 021 938 9235)