Med Microbiology
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Division of Medical Microbiology​


Undergraduate Studies

​​Medical T​echnology
Medical Technologist practical training is offered at the NHLS Laboratory in fulfillment of the requirements for registrati​​on with the HPCSA as a practicing Medical Technologist. Diploma courses are offered at Universities of Technology throughout the country.

MBChB - Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Our teaching and training of medical students focus on basic clinical microbiology. These lectures form part of the integrated theoretical modules of the medical curriculum.
This division is involved in the following modules of the MBChB programme:
Phase II
Module:  Principles of Disease Processes
Phase III
Modules:  Cardiovascular System, Respiratory System, Digestive System, Urogenital System, Neurological System, Musculoskeletal System, Infections and Clinical Immunology.
We are also actively involved in the pathology rotation of the middle clinical rotations. During this rotation week, students working in small groups of five have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the role of our laboratory in the diagnosis and treatment of infections by means of interactive case studies, laboratory visits and group discussions with the multi-disciplinary pathologists’ team.

BScDiet - Bachelor of Science in Dietetics
The module is intended to equip dieticians with a working knowledge of microbiology related to food and food-borne diseases and nutritional deficiencies predisposing to infectious diseases and nutritional interventions to optimize the immune system.

Postgraduate Studies

MMed (Microbiol Path) - Master of Medicine in Microbiological Pathology
A minimum of four years of training includes a 6-month rotation in Virology.  Clinical microbiology, laboratory management, research methodology, immunology and infection control are some of the modules included in the programme.  Assessment comprises of a primary and a final examination (written papers, oral and practical examinations), as well as a research dissertation.
The Division of Medical Microbiology has six registrar positions.  To register for the degree MMed (Microbiol Path), an MBChB degree, completion of community service and registration with the HPCSA as a medical practitioner are prerequisites.

BScHons (Med Micro) - Bachelor of Science Honours in Medical Microbiology
The degree offered in the Division focuses on Medical Microbiology with lectures and tutorials as well as bench experience in diagnostic medical microbiology in the routine laboratory. Emphasis is placed on molecular microbiology. A mini-research project has to be completed as part of the course.
A limited number of students can be accommodated.
For entry requirements refer to the University Calendar.
For enquiries please contact BScHons coordinator - Dr Mae Newton-Foot at

MSc (Med Micro) - Master of Science in Medical Microbiology
The Masters degree offered requires the in-depth study and research on a topic related to the field of Medical Microbiology. A thesis is submitted at the completion of the project.
A limited number of s​​tudents can be accommodated.
For entry requirements refer to the University Calendar.
For enquiries please contact MSc coordinator - Dr Mae Newton-Foot at

Original research into a subject related to Medical Microbiology with the submission of a thesis.​