Haematological Pathology
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Division of Haematological Pathology

​ Teaching and Training



Teaching and training of undergraduate medical students continues to be an important part of The Divisions goals and priorities.  The Haematology module was chaired by Dr A. Carter till September 2011 and then Dr B.Walker took over. This module is presented to the MBChB III students and encompasses the important basics of haematological disease.  We are also involved with lectures and tutorials as part of the Essentials of Disease processes module which is presented to MBChB I students.  The MBChB IV and V students also visit the laboratory as part of their Middle clinical rotation. This rotation involves a more intimate teaching environment and exposes the students to the laboratory as well as haematology case studies. The registrar’s in the division actively participate in this program which runs throughout the academic year.  The Division of haematopathology together with Clinical haematology also run a collaborative program for final year medical students and senior resident students from Nebraska (USA). This program runs for two week periods throughout the year.


In the past year the Division has recruited two new haematopathology registrars, one of the registrars is a supernumery from Libya.  The Division also contributes towards training a clinical pathology registrar every year. During 2011, the Division, managed to train 2 BSC honours students and one masters science student. Dr H Ipp supervised some of the students who graduated and continues to be actively involved with the supervision of many science students in collaboration with other divisions and departments. Prof Abayomi and Dr R Grewal were also involved with supervising students.
We currently have 1 PHD student enrolled under the supervision of Prof A Abayomi and Dr H Ipp.
3 haematopathology registrars wrote and passed the FC PATH (HAEM) part one exam in 2011. In addition, 2 candidates were awarded MMed degrees in the past year.
The division also contributes towards training of internal medicine registrars rotating in clinical haematology every 3 months.

Specialists, postgraduate students, and medical technologists from the Division attended several courses during 2010 as part of continuous professional and skills development.
Dr B. Walker attended PREDAC.