​​​​​​Department of Nursing and Mid​​​wifery​



Overall Theme: Patient safety and Quality of Care  

Sub -themes​​​ Focus​​​ Themes at FMHS
  • Integration of person-centeredness into nursing education and practice
  • Positive Deviance
  • Quality of work life and workplace wellness 

Public Health
Injury and Rehabilitation

Evidence based practice
  • ​Evidence based practice intended to develop, implement and evaluate research findings, inclusive of evidence-based practice guidelines into practice and education 

Health systems
Evidence-based health care

Leadership and governance
  • Focus on understanding factors that contribute to nursing leadership, this will ensure a future supply of nursing leaders who can positively influence outcomes for health care providers and patients
  • Women in leadership
  • Diversity and cultural considerations in leadership 

Health Systems
Public Health

Patient safety education and competencies
  • Focus on the patient safety competencies and pre-service education, with a specific focus on integrating patient safety competencies and quality of care into the nursing curriculums and clinical platforms.
  • Litigations and malpractice in health care settings. 

Health Systems
Public Health

Primary Health Care
  • Focus on role played nursing in the delivery of primary care. Where primary care setting included general practice and community-based facilities such as nurse clinics.
  • Chronic disease management
  • HIV/AIDS including provision of Nurse-initiated and management of antiretroviral treatment (NIMART)
  • Adolescent tailored care
  • Primary Care Nurse Specialist competencies
  • Self management, resilience and empowerment. 
Primary Health Care
Maternal and Child Care
  • Health Informatics and Technology in Maternal Care
  • Care coordination 
Reproductive Care