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Click here >>> MBHG_Postgrad_Application_Process_Overview.pdf to download an overview of the application process for postgraduate studies at the MBHG division​.

Apply in 5 easy steps

​​​​​​Before you apply

  • Read up on the various research focuses we offer at the MBHG Division
  • Make sure you understand the admission and selection requirements (unique for each programme). For more details see course descriptions.
  • Check the closing dates
​​​ ​

​ Step 1: Choose your programme

MBHG offers various postgraduate study programmes

  • BSc Honours (Molecular Biology) or (Human Genetics)
  • MSc  (Molecular Biology) or (Human Genetics)
  • PhD (Molecular Biology) or (Human Genetics)
  • MMed (Clinical Genetics)

​Step 2: Start your application

  • You can complete your official SU application quickly and easily via the Stellenbosch University e-application process. In order to apply online, you will need:
    • a valid email address
    • and cell/mobile phone number

​Correspondence will be sent to the email address provided and messages to the cell/mobile phone.

  • Students currently enrolled at SU apply via: My Sun platform > Studies > Application postgraduate studies
  • Students NOT enrolled at SU, start your online application > You will receive an OFFICIAL SUN-PASSWORD after you submit your application. This can be used to access your application status to upload all your supporting application documents. 

Prospective MSc and PhD candidates are required to complete the MBHG pre-application process​  in addition to the official SU application.​​ 

For more information on the application process please visit the Stellenbosch University’s prosp​​ective postgraduate stud​​​ent webs​​ite.

​​Step 3: Upload your documents

You have to submit all your supporting documents before the programme closing​ date​. 

We'll need:

  • Your signed contract (available via e-application process)
  • Proof of payment of the R100 application fee (ONLY ​​South African applicants)
  • A certified copy of your highest qualification and most recent academic transcript

Your application will only be processed AFTER the application has been finalized AND all the correct supporting documents have been uploaded. It remains your responsibility to make sure that the University receives all your documents in time.

​​​​​Step 4: Apply for a bursary

We REQUIRE all prospective students to apply for external funding, unless fully self-funded. For funding opportunities visit funding support​.


​​​Step 5: Track your application

You can monitor your official SU application status online using your username (student number) and SUN-password.

All communication regarding MBHG pre-application outcome will occur via email.  


If you need help with your application or if you need us to send you any additional information, please contact the designated Postgraduate Coordinator for the desired postgraduate programme​ or visit our FAQ.

​​​​​​​​​​BSc Honours Program​​​
Dr Jennifer Jackson
MSc and PhD studies
​​MMed Program​
Prof Shahida Moosa
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