Division of Molecular Biology & Human Genetics


​Mycobacteriology: ​Host-pathogen mycobactomics​


Research overview

The overall research goal of the Stellenbosch University Host-Pathogen Mycobactomics group is to gain a better understanding of how the pathogen Mycobacterium tuberculosis interacts with its host to cause disease. To achieve this, we use molecular mycobacteriology and infection models together with data-rich methodologies such as whole genome sequencing, transcriptomics, and proteomics. These methods are underpinned by computational approaches. Specific research areas include advancing our understanding of: (a) TB host-pathogen interactions, with a particular focus on persistent mycobacteria, (b) biology of drug resistant strains of M. tuberculosis, and (c) PE/PPE proteins of M. tuberculosis.


 Host macrophage infected with fluorescently labelled mycobacteria. Confocal Microscopy Image by Dr Jomien Mouton.