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​​​​​​​​Postgraduate Diploma in Me​dical Toxi​cology


​Programme content

You must complete all five modules listed below.

Introduction to Toxicology

  • Poisoning Management and Prevention
  • Poisoning with Non-drug Chemicals
  • Poisoning with Pharmaceuticals
  • Poisoning with Biological Toxins

Medical Toxicology is a field of medicine dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of poisoned and envenoming patients. It is a scientific area with a growing demand in academia as well as the private and public health sector.

There is an increasing interest of medical doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers to gain more knowledge in this field. This programme in toxicology would therefore cater for a training need for the country as a whole and for Africa in general. Currently there is a shortage of trained staff with knowledge of poisonings, especially of poisoning with chemicals that is unique to the African continent.

The proposed programme will provide an essential step in the training of scientists in Medical Toxicology and provide them with a higher academic qualification. Candidates completing the course will have the skills to assist in the diagnoses and management of patients exposed to poisonous chemicals. They will be able to work in medical facilities where they will be able to advise other health care professionals on the management of poisoned patients.

Given the critical shortage of toxicology experts, the health services of South Africa will tremendously benefit from the programme.
The course is in consistence with the HEQC’s Programme Accreditation criteria and has been approved and re-accredited at all required levels within the university.
The programme will be presented in English.

Admission and selection requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree (e.g., MBChB, BPharm or BNurs) or another relevant qualification on at least NQF level 7, as approved by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University.
  • If you are an international student who did not use English as medium of instruction for your undergraduate studies, you may be required to provide evidence of your oral and academic writing.

Description of the program

Faculty: Health Sciences
Department: Medicine
Division: Clinical Pharmacology
Type of program:  Theoretical; Blended Learning (mostly on-line)
NQF level: 8
Qualification type: PG Diploma
Qualification specification: Toxicology

Duration of program

The programme extends over 18 months and consists of two separate weeks of synchronist teaching. During 1st year this week will be online, and during 2nd year it will be a face-to-face meeting at Tygerberg Campus. The rest of the course will be asynchronous online.

Programme Coordinator & Chair:  Mrs Carine Marks
BSc Pharm, Hons (Pharmacology); MSc (Toxicology), MPhil HPE
Tel: (021) 938 9334
E-mail: carinem@sun.ac.za 

Co-Chair:  Ms Arina Du Plessis
BSC, MSc (Toxicology)
Tel: (021) 938 9596
E-mail: aced@sun.ac.za 

Postgraduate Coordinator:  Mrs M Harck
Tel: (021) 938 9296
E-mail: mji@sun.ac.za

Course code: 112079

NQF Level 08
120 credits
HPCSA (CPD) accredited.