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PhD Studies

The division of Clinical Pharmacology offers a PhD degree which is obtained through research and dissertation. The research focused on the multi-disciplinary field of Pharmacology, and can encompass topics from pre-clinical drug development, to analytical clinical pharmacology and toxicology.

Programme Details

Duration: Three calendar years on a full-time basis

Programme content: Pharmacology Thesis 978(360)

Programme Structure: This is a research-based degree programme with no study modules. The programme consists of a research project, thesis and project presentation. You will develop a research proposal with the help of your supervisor(s) and present it to an evaluation committee, consisting of content experts and a representative from the committee for postgraduate research and relevant ethics committee.

Assessment and examination:

  • The PhD degree is awarded in recognition of high quality, original research and is conventionally assessed based on a dissertation.
  • In addition a PhD degree may be obtained in an alternative way, namely primarily based on published scientific articles. However, it is not possible to obtain a PhD degree exclusively on the basis of published articles. More details regarding the different formats can be obtained from the Doctoral Office (Tygerberg Campus).
  • With regard to the date of submission of the dissertation, the number of copies to be submitted, as well as the further requirements with which you have to comply in order to graduate, the general provisions for doctorates will apply as stipulated under Postgraduate Qualifications in Part 1 (General) of the Calendar, as well as in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences' guidelines document, General Information on Doctoral Studies, which is available at the Doctoral Office (Tygerberg Campus).
  • The PhD degree is not regarded as basis for registration as a specialist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa or the South African Nursing Council, but can be registered as an additional qualification (Medical Sciences only).
  • The PhD degree may be awarded to you:
    • after you have been registered for the PhD degree at the University for at least two academic years;
    • on the condition that – with the supervisor's consent – you give written notice to the Doctoral Office (Tygerberg Campus) of your intended submission date at least six months prior to the desired date of graduation;
    • based on a dissertation – under supervision by a supervisor – that covers a problem from an area in the Medical and Health Sciences or Health Professions Education (in the case of a PhD in HPE). The dissertation must provide proof to the satisfaction of the University of advanced, original work, which contributes to the enhancement of fundamental, theoretical and/or clinical knowledge in the particular field of research;
    • provided that the dissertation is accompanied by a statement confirming that it has not previously been submitted to another university or institution in order to obtain a degree or diploma, and that it is your own work; and
    • after you have passed an oral examination. An oral examination for the doctorate is a general requirement, apart from the advanced doctorates, but subject to the approval of Senate, exemption from this examination may be granted in specific cases based on sufficient motivation.

Admission and Selection requirements

The specific admission requirements for a PhD programme include, an average final mark of more than 60% in one of the following qualifications from a recognized tertiary training institution:

  • an MSc degree in Pharmacology or closely related discipline
  • an MBChB or BChD degree; provided a minimum period of two years has passed since obtaining the degree; or you have obtained a relevant honours degree in Medical Sciences directly following an MBChB or BChD degree;
  • MPhil will be evaluated on adhoc basis to evaluate whether they satisfy the university required criteria. ​

​Important Notice: Submitting your completed application form and meeting the admission requirements does not guarantee admission.

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PhD Programme Coordinator​​​
Tracy Kellermann 
Dr Tracy Kellermann
PhD ​Programme administrator
Mrs Mandy Harck