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MMed Programme

Our HPCSA- accredited 4-year full-time registrar training programme is aimed at medical doctors who wish to specialise in Clinical Pharmacology. During the registrar training an MMed must be completed, and exams written for entry into the College of Clinical Pharmacologists (part of the Colleges of Medicine South Africa).

See full details of our Clinical Pharmacology Registrar Programme.

Programme Details

Duration: Four calendar years on a full-time basis

Programme content:    
Principles of Clinical Pharmacology 871 (90)
Applied Clinical Pharmacology 871 (270)
Assignment (MMed (Clin Pharm)) 871 (120)

Programme description: The programme consists of modules on principles of clinical pharmacology, applied clinical pharmacology, and research methodology. These modules will be presented by means of lectures, tutorials, independent self-study and practical workplace experience, including clinical patient care. Areas that are covered include:

  • clinical use of drugs, including pharmacological effects and mechanism of action, pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism, efficacy and side effects of medications;
  • advice to health care providers regarding the appropriate and cost-effective use of drugs;
  • drug epidemiology;
  • legal and ethical issues;
  • development of new drugs;
  • clinical trials;
  • safety of drugs (pharmacovigilance);
  • economics of health care; and
  • drug regulatory affairs.

Assessment and examination

  • The Part I and Part II examinations of the FC Clin Pharm(SA) of the Colleges of Medicine of South Africa (CMSA) will constitute your summative assessment. The FC Clin Pharm(SA) Part I examination will assess the Principles of Clinical Pharmacology module and must be completed by the end of your second year of study. The FC Clin Pharm(SA) Part II examination will assess the Applied Clinical Pharmacology module and must be completed by the end of your fourth year of study.
  • As per CMSA regulations, you will be expected to keep and update a portfolio of learning during the course of the study period as a reflection of your skills competency. The portfolio of learning is examined by the College of Clinical Pharmacology as a requirement for Part II examination eligibility.
  • You must complete a research assignment which forms part of the final assessment for the MMed programme. The Postgraduate Programme Committee of the Division of Clinical Pharmacology and the relevant Faculty structures must approve the protocol for the research assignment not later than 12 months after you have started with you MMed studies. The research assignment must be completed before taking the FC Clin Pharm(SA) Part II examination of the CMSA.
  • Successful completion and assessment of the research assignment is a prerequisite for the degree to be awarded.
  • The final MMed mark will be calculated as a weighted average of the marks for each component of the programme content. The weightings will be 25% for the assignment, 25% for the Principles for Clinical Pharmacology module (FC Clin Pharm(SA) Part I examination) and 50% for the Applied Clinical Pharmacology module (FC Clin Pharm(SA) Part II examination). You must obtain a final mark of at least 50% for each component of the programme to pass the MMed (Clinical Pharmacology) programme.
  • In order to pass the MMed (Clinical Pharmacology) programme cum laude, you must obtain a final mark of at least 75% in the final examination. 

Application Procedure

There is no specific closing date for applications. When a registrar post becomes vacant at the Western Cape Department of Health, you may apply for that position. Advertisements are published in the national media when posts become vacant with application instructions. Alternatively, contact the Programme Coordinator should you wish to apply. Supernumerary registrars who are independently funded may enter the MMed programme without filling a Department of Health registrar post. Supernumerary registrar applicants should contact the Programme Coordinator directly.

Admission and Selection requirements

  • For admission to the MMed degree programme, you must have held an MBChB degree from this University or another qualification considered as sufficient by this University for at least three years prior to application; and must be registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa as medical practitioner in the category independent practice.
  • Experience in Internal Medicine or Paediatrics, research, teaching and/or a relevant additional qualification will be an advantage.
  • Candidates are selected after highly competitive interviews.
  • Contact the Programme Coordinator for more information.​
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MMed Programme Coordinator​​​
Eric Decloedt 
Prof Eric Decloedt
MMed Programme administrator
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Miss Lejandra Hanekom