Welkom by Universiteit Stellenbosch

Seminaar reeks vir 2019

​Lesings begin om 13:00 in lokaal 3022 van die Van der Sterr gebou, op die kruising van Victoria en Bosman strate, Stellenbosch.​

Navrae:       Linke Potgieter

Telefoon:    021 808 2492

E-pos:          lpotgieter@sun.ac.za


DatumTydSprekerTitel van aanbiedingVakgebied
​25Jan​10:00 - 12:00Paneel bespreking​Wenke vir onderrigAlmal
​8 Feb12:30 - 14:00​​Paneel bespreking​Strategiee vir studieleidingAlmal
​22 Feb
13:00 - 14:00​
​Noé Fouotsa Manfouo
Time series forecasting with machine learning​
​​Operasionele navorsing
​15 Mrt13:00 - 14:00​

​Logistieke bestuur
​12 Apr13:00 - 14:00​James Azam (SACEMA)
Investigating the efficiency of emergency vaccine supply chains for measles outbreaks in low resource settings
Operasionele navorsing en logistieke bestuur
10 May​13:00 - 14:00

​7 Jun​13:00 - 14:00​Prof Leila Goedhals-Gerber (SU/Logistiek)Cold chain logistics
Logistieke bestuur
2  Aug​13:00 - 14:00

​Operasionele navorsing
30 Aug​13:00 - 14:00Johan Van Rensburg (SU/Logistiek)Distance-based road user charges as a road cost recovery method: A South African case study​Vervoerekonomie
27 Sept13:00 - 14:00​Dr Alewyn Burger (SU/Logistiek)Exploring the edge between mathematics and art
Operasionele navorsing
​25 Oct​13:00 - 14:00Anneke de Bod (SU/Logistiek)

Logistieke bestuur
22 Nov​13:00 - 14:00Prof Stephan Krygsman (SU/Logistiek)​Using dynamic transport data to optimise transport networks​


2018 seminare

24 Jan - Susan Lotz & colleagues (Taalsentrum) : Language services in support of effective supervision

31 Jan - Dr Jacques du Toit (Datawetenskaplike - Spatial Edge): Big data analytics in practice

16 Feb - Prof Fredrik Nilsson (Lund Universiteit): Towards a dynamic shelf-life for minimized food waste

2 Mrt - Jacomien van der Merwe (SU/Logistiek): The financial burden when getting employed: Investigating the impact of transport cost on the employee churn rate within the lower skilled labour market

14 Mrt - Prof Henrik Palsson (Lund Universiteit): Environmental efficiency in e-commerce: Effects of packaging, the last mile, unsold products and product returns

20 Apr - Dr McElory Hoffman (CEO - Praelexis): Crafting machine learning algorithms

26 Apr - Prof Tom de Jongh (Utrecht Universiteit ): Transport network based accessibility: some recent applications and developments

18 Mei - Prof Johan Louw (SU/Logistiek) : Visual data analytics

25 Mei - Prof Juliet Pulliam (Direkteur - SACEMA): Assessing designs for vaccine efficacy trials during epidemics of severe disease

1 Jun - Prof Jan Havenga (SU/Logistiek): The case for macrologistics

24 Aug - Prof Stephan Visagie (SU/Logistiek): Distribution centre optimisation

7 Sept - Francois Meyer (CEO - Golden Arrow Busdienste) : Bus and bus rapid transport in Cape Town: views from the operator

5 Okt - Prof Wim Delva (Adjunk-direkteur -  SACEMA): Recasting model calibration as a missing data problem: Approximate Bayesian Computation with MICE

9 Nov - Siphamandla Gumbi (Senior bestuurder - Pad ongelukke fonds): Increasing road crashes as a consequence of poor management of road safety in SA

2017 seminare

12 Mei - John FD Muller (Stellenbosch Munisipaliteit): Stellenbosch traffic demand management strategy

9 Jun - Prof Hannelie Nel (SU/Logistiek): Analysis of StatsSA Census Data - Stellenbosch as an example

28 Jul - Mosa Mkhize (Uber SA): The future of urban mobility

2016 seminare

29 Feb - AGM van den Hanenberg (Rotterdam Universiteit) : Chinese investments in infrastructure and the effect on transport flows

18 Mrt - Ulrike Kussing (SU/Logistiek): Development of a performance measurement framework for public sector supply chain management

18 Mrt - Lieschen Venter (SU/Logistiek): A hybrid simulation model of the South African education system

20 Jun - Dr Ian Durbach (Universiteit Kaapstad): Stochastic multi-criteria acceptability analysis

2014 seminare

14 Feb - Prof Paulo Toth (Universiteit van Bologna, Italie) : A reduced-cost iterated local search heuristic for the fixed charge transportation problem

25 Apr - Prof Jan Havenga (SU/Logistiek): Role of freight demand modelling in logistics systems and infrastructure and perspectives on the long term future of the discipline

18 Sept - Prof Harry Timmermans (Eindhoven Universiteit): Beyond rational utility-maximising models of travel choice behaviour

21 Nov - Dr Alewyn Burger (SU/Logistiek): The wrapslide puzzle

2013 seminare

7 Aug - Prof James Stock (Universiteit van Suid-Florida): Reverse logistics and sustainability

27 Sept - Prof Tom de Jong (Utrecht Universiteit): Sense making of GPS data - exploring the use of GIS to visualise, analyse and enhance GPS measurements in order to reconstruct travel diaries

21 Okt - Prof Dag Ericsson (Universiteit van Boras, Sweden): Theory and practice of demand chain management - a symbiotic concept development