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FVZS: igniteUS

This course will be presented online and applications are open to all students.

Critical thinking is a vital competency for students to develop in this current era in order to foster holistic development. It is essential to make sense of information and be bold of our stance on social issues. To do this, we need to validate our information and be critical of the source base. This course aims to use the characteristics of humility and curiosity to address pre-conceived ideas and unconscious bias towards cross-cultural social issues through critical engagement. To be curious and humble takes courage and requires the facilitation of a space of compassion to initiate a space of collaboration to solve issues. The purpose of this program is to engage and unpack cross-cultural social issues and address them through a process of critical thinking and analysis. The methodological approach for this program is making use of problem-solving techniques to assess the comprehension of the issues at hand to foster a holistic student development and create a significant impact. The objective of this program is to develop social change agents, active citizens, as well as innovative and critical problem solvers within higher education environments. This program was conceptu​alised with a multidisciplinary approach in mind and aims to foster an interdisciplinary collaborative space. 

General Information:

Cost: R625 for citizens of African countries; R1875 for other nationals – payable in cash or on your student account.

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