About Silene

Silene PSO coordinates the transition of students from high school to university and campus life. This entails a variety of aspects you as a person would like to experience. We ensure you are a well-rounded individual when you leave as a graduate of Stellenbosch University and of course, help provide as many opportunities as possible, to formulate relationships with diverse groups of people.​

 One thing you need in order to survive your university career is networking; you can not go through this journey without resources, and we at Silene try our best to help you establish as many as possible. As an organisation, we provide our students with great opportunities including, but not limited to, sports teams, music, acting, and creative platforms, discussions on important topics, critical thinking, social impact opportunities, leadership development platforms, and social events such as dances and appreciation evening.

Silene's vision and mission

Our Vision

We bring people together to create a diverse and inclusive student experience. We empower our members to be well-rounded individuals who embody the graduate attributes and carry out the values of Silene.

Our Mission

We work to establish an environment where facilitating courageous conversations and critical thinking is encouraged. We will foster a transformative and sustainable environment. We provide opportunities for our members to become value-driven and thought-driven individuals.

Silene's values


We aim to foster a space where people feel free to express their values, opinions, and cultures whilst embracing the diversity within the Stellenbosch community.


We actively treat our members with compassion and empathy while treating our respective communities and the environment with care and tolerance.


To create a sense of togetherness we strive to install a culture of collaboration and solidarity within our community.


We embrace the unique qualities of our members and encourage them to contribute to their personal growth and identity as well as that of the community.​


A state of mutual trust and support and to open up to the full experience of life through intentional and authentic connections.

The history of Silene

Silene PSO is a private student organization, founded in 2008 and operates within Stellenbosch University. We are one of 11 PSO's and one of 4 female-only PSO's. Our organisation consists of approximately 1200 womxn living in private accommodation across campus and in surrounding areas. 

Activities and offerings

  • Sport – Hockey, Netball, and E-sports
  • Culture –Acapella, Culture evenings, Palesa Festival
  • Leadership development
  • Courageous Conversations  
  • Critical Engagement
  • Academic support and mentoring
  • Dances
  • Socials​

Mentorship offered by Silene

Stellenbosch University's mentor program was put in place to provide first years with someone who would guide them with their transition from high school to university. Attending University is a completely different experience from High School making the duties of a mentor essential to the first years. The duties of a mentor would be to provide guidance, advice, feedback, and support to their mentees. Stellenbosch University offers many different supporting societies, training, and amongst others, leadership positions that would shape, mold, and develop you into a well-rounded graduate.


Silene's mentors are guided by the university's attributes and values as well as the values of our PSO. Silene mentors are the definition of balanced individuals due to being a part of our academic portfolio and having their own sub-portfolios inspired by the wellness cards: Physical wellness, Emotional wellness, Intellectual wellness, Occupational wellness, Spiritual wellness, and social wellness. A platform is provided for the mentors to achieve many skills ranging from time management skills to effective communication skills. The mentors within Silene receive training from the university to prepare each mentor for the mentoring process as well as internal training to develop and work on themselves.


Silene's Primaria

 Silene Jessica.jpgJessica van der Walt

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