About Aurora

Aurora is a mixed Private Student Organisation (Also referred to as a PSO) on Stellenbosch University campus, which means our members live in their own private accommodation that they need to organise themselves. All students that do not live in a Stellenbosch University Residence will be part of a PSO. The goal of the PSO is to provide a platform for our members to be a part of the university and to expand their university experience beyond academics, as well as providing our members with a community within the bigger Stellenbosch community. This is achieved by providing opportunities to take part in all of the activities offered by the university, providing leadership opportunities, and by creating a social platform for our members.

Aurora PSO is the oldest mixed PSO on campus and we form part of the VicMeyr Cluster together with Lydia, Huis ten Bosch, Minerva, Dagbreek, and Majuba. The cluster forms a bigger community out of the individual communities, and we can use this platform for events and activities.

Aurora's vision and mission

Aurora PSO strives to be an inclusive community where all our members can feel safe and at home while forming new friendships and bonds. We want to provide a fun experience to our members, while also providing them with opportunities to grow as individuals. This is achieved by providing activities and events in various portfolios such as socials, sports, social impact, culture, and many more. We also aim to provide leadership and critical engagement opportunities to develop our members into well-rounded individuals.

Aurora's values

Our values are respect, integrity, unity, individuality, and gees.

The history of Aurora

Aurora PSO was established in 1981 and is the oldest mixed PSO, as well as one of the biggest PSO’s on the Stellenbosch campus. Aurora was best known to take part in cultural activities on campus. The PSO has been expanding since it was established and now also participates in various other activities to cater to all of our members’ needs. The leadership opportunities within Aurora started with only a House Committee, Mentors, and Seniors Committee. As Aurora developed, gaps in the leadership structure have been identified and filled with necessary committees. Over the years Aurora has grown into a diverse community that many people can call their home.​

Activities and offerings

At Aurora, we provide many opportunities for students to practice our values, develop their leadership skills and socialize and have fun! Culturally, we are well established, participating regularly in events such as KUKO’s Palesa festival for acting and Molassessêr for a​capella. We offer many sports and are a force to be reckoned with in our games. We offer rugby, netball, hockey, soccer, chess, e-sports, squash, RALU, table tennis, and first aid. 

We also provide many leadership opportunities, not only in the form of mentorship and seniors committee but also in the form of subcommittees for HC. This includes the first years' committee, the sustainability committee, the social impact committee, the women & queer empowerment committee, the house dance committee, and the alumni committee. 

Critical engagements are offered regularly which focus on important social issues in the form of open discussions, podcasts, and lessons. We also offer socials with neighboring communities regularly as well as Aurora merchandise such as hoodies, hats, and more! These can sometimes be won in our many social media giveaways.

Mentorship offered by Aurora

The mentor program places all newcomers into a mentor group with people in their faculty. Their mentor would have gone through many hours of training to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge to assist newcomers in their adjustment to university life. Mentors play a massive role in welcoming week, but their duties will also carry on throughout the year. Mentors provide insight into coping with university life and answer any questions that the newcomers may have. They help to provide a more personal and individual link between Aurora and their mentor group. 

Aurora's Primarius


Divan Juan du Toit

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