About Aristea

Aristea PSO is a vibrant, fun, and dynamic group of individuals, which was established in 1973. This means we are the oldest womxn’s PSO on campus. With our age comes not only rich history but a legacy of powerful leaders and womxn of mind and heart. Aristea is not a place for members to fit into a mold of any sort but rather to encourage each other's individuality, celebrate each other's differences and do our best to support each other's endeavours as best as we can.​​​

Aristea's vision and mission

Aristea is a home away from home where members feel they have a place and space to turn to and connect with others on campus. Aristea is an opportunity generator with our leadership development and co-curricular activities whereby members are encouraged to commit to their own personal development and growth. Aristea provides an identity that grounds an individual within a larger community. We are a group of individuals, each with a different story. A different experience and a different mindset, coming together to form something beautiful. Together we laugh, we cry, we learn, and we grow. We are not a place, but we are a support system and a crutch throughout your university career.​

Aristea's values

Approachability, Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Individuality​

The history of Aristea

We have the legacy of being the oldest womxn’s PSO on campus, and with this, we provide not only an experience​​ but a legacy that is irreplaceable and well known throughout Stellenbosch University. ​ ​​

Activities and offerings

• Mentor sessions
• Wimbledon cluster study groups​

• Molassesêr
• A Capella
• Debating
• Toneelfees
• Culture Evenings

• Hockey
• Netball
• Tennis
• Table T​​ennis

Leadership Development
• House Committee
• Newcomers Committee
• Mentor and Seniors Forum
• Social Impact Club
• Marketing Committee
• Aristea Communication Committee
• Events Committees (including House

• Clubs - Bookclub, Cooking Club, Hiking Club
• Seniors - A-listers
• Wimbledon Hub Facilities

Mentorship offered by Aristea

We currently have 19 mentors that are handpicked out of a large senior group to guide our newcomers within their first year. Their role is to create a comfortable and inviting environment specifically within Welcoming week. The growth of our members in all spheres of their lives is of our utmost concern.​

Aristea's Primaria

Margra Wevell.png​​

Margra W​evell

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Social Media

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