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​Department of Nursing and Midwifery



The Department of Nursing and Midwifery is dedicated to create and sustain an environment in which knowledge can be discovered, shared and applied for the benefit of the nursing profession and the community.

We are committed to excellence in nursing practice, scholarship and leadership, which is supported by our primary research focus area: Patient Centred Care, with subdivisions to Intimate Partner Violence and Continuous Quality Improvement.

Although we acknowledge that many nurses across the health care industry epitomize leadership in nursing, we believe that nurses who embark on research are uniquely positioned to contribute to leadership in nursing through their research or education.  Our masters and doctoral programmes are therefore designed to equip nurses to discover new knowledge and apply this knowledge to change practice and improve patient care. 

Students that demonstrate excellence in nursing leadership through translating their research into practice are nominated for the Dr Pat Gorvalla Award for Excellence in Nursing Leadership.  This annual award is designed to acknowledge the leadership of an individual Nurse who has obtained her/his masters Degree in Nursing through Stellenbosch University.