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​Community Interaction​


Community interaction focusses on fostering sustainable engagement with various partners in our broader community.  Nursing has committed to   create relevant, mutually beneficial partnerships through community interaction. Through these partnerships, community development, student learning opportunities, and research relevance in Nursing is enhanced.

The community interaction projects in which members and students of the nursing division are currently involved in are:

  • Health promotion projects throughout the Cape Metropol, Cape Winelands and Eden Districts.
  • Promotion of breastfeeding, such as:
    • Breastfeeding support and education clinic in Mowbray Maternity Hospital
    • Breast donor centre in Paarl Hospital
    • Staff Breastfeeding and support centre in Tygerberg Hospital 
    • Staff and patient grieving support centre (OUR HOPE) Guguletu MOU
    • Better bonding centre Elsies River
  • School leadership development programme in the Delft area, in collaboration with the MRC.
  • Interdisciplinary education project in Worcester in collaboration with IPLO and UKWANDA.
  • Breast examination and mammograms in collaboration with the Pink Drive.
  • Breast feeding workshops in collaboration with (Sharing Abundant Life Together) SALT in Dunoon and Joslovo communities.
  • Macassar Domestic Violence Profject
  • Project at George and Annie Starck Homes for the Age
  • SURMEPI Coaching Project: Overberg District