​​​Division of Molecular Biology and Human Genetics


Societ​​​al impact is central to Stellenbosch University’s strategic positioning for the 21st century in “creating and sustaining an environment of inclusivity, transformation, innovation, diversity, and maintaining excellence with a focus on the future”. As one of the three strategic priorities of the Stellenbosch University, societal impact efforts aim to (a) broaden access, (b) to sustain momentum on excellence and (c) to make impact on local and global societies. ​Our division is committed to facilitate the translation of our research findings both to the communities we serve in the form of science engagement, and to policymakers through feedback sessions; thereby, contributing to building a public and policymaker understanding of health, drivers of ill-health, and practice, interventions and technologies that can prevent ill-health and strengthen health services.​


To promote meaningful engagement, aim to advance community knowledge, empower communities to take ownership of their health and enthusiasm South African youth around STEM careers.


To engage in innovative, inclusive, sustainable and transformative engagements with the individuals, social groups, organizations and institutions we serve.​​



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