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Buffalo TB testing in Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park. Prof Michele Miller, Dr Netanya Bernitz, Dr Tanya Kerr and Candice de Waal (left). Candice, Netanya and Tanya processing samples in the lab (right).

Image 1 - EEHV Study - DNA Extractions.jpgImage 2 - EEHV Study - qPCR.jpg  

Lab action: Jana ​van Heerden doing DNA extractions (left) and qPCR (right) for the Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus (EEHV) ​study. Read about the project here: Animal TB Student projects​​​​​

Figure 3 - Felid Study - Blood Stimulation.jpg

Blood​ stimulations for the felid study: Animal TB Student Projects​

Figure 4 - Felid Study - ELISA Development.jpg

Rachiel Gumbo working on the ELISA development for the felid study. 

Animal TB Group February 2020

(back from left: Charlene Clarke, Dr Tanya Kerr, Prof. Michele MillerDr Wynand Goosen, Dr Léanie Kleynhans; Middle: Tina Meiring, Jos Chileshe​, Sam Goldswain, Candice de Waal, Pamela Ncube; front: Rebecca Dwyer, Kat Smith, Rachiel Gumbo; missing: Debbie Cooke)

Animal TB Group December 2019


(back row from left: Dr Léanie Kleynhans, Sam Goldswain, Dr Tanya Kerr, Dr Wynand Goosen; front: Kat Smith, Jos Chileshe, Rachiel Gumbo, Tina Meiring, Prof. Michele Miller)


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20 October 2021: SU researcher joins American rhino conservation initiative​

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17 October 2021: Speed cats return to southern Mozambique after six decades​

Screenshot 2021-08-20 at 16.47.43.png​​​19 August 2021: Competing human values​ make wildlife conservation more complex​

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19 August 2021: Why do ‘lockdowns’ matter for rhinos?​

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What can Elephants Teach Us About Cancer Prevention and Treatment.pdf

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Read about the incredible work done by a former Animal TB member, Dr Jos Chileshe​: Test developed to identify bovine TB in wild rhinos​

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Tina Meiring, a PhD student in the Animal TB group, had her research featured in the latest edition of Stellenbosch University (SU)'s multi-award winning publication Research at Stellenbosch University (29/09/2020):​​

Prof. Michele Miller shares her expertise on ​testing elephants for TB in the National Geographic (published 4 September 2020)​:​

Presentation on elephant TB for the International Elephant Foundation conference in 2019​ by Prof. Michele Miller:

Bovine TB testing on buffalos in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi national park​:

Collaborator Prof Francisco Olea-Popelka articles and videos:






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Lion TB: