Animal TB
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Animal TB

Animal TB Group 2020.pngAnimal TB group 2020

Back From left: Charlene Clarke, Dr. Tanya Kerr, Prof. Michele Miller, Dr. Wynand Goosen, Dr. Léanie Kleynhans; Middle: Tina Meiring, Jos Chileshe​, Sam Goldswain, Candice de Waa​l, Pamela Ncube; Front: Rebecca Dwyer, Kat Smith, Rachiel Gumbo; missing: Debbie Cooke

​The Animal TB research program take​s a multi-pronged approach to improve knowledge of the epidemiology, pathogenesis and immunology of bovine tuberculosis (BTB). This includes investigating the role of host genetics and immunology in susceptibility to BTB; the genetic diversity of mycobacterial pathogens and their impact on wildlife and livestock; and the development of diagnostic assays for numerous host species.  The work incorporates a continuum of basic to applied research both in the laboratory and field.