​​​​EuropeAid Project Visibility Activities

This project is funded by the European Union and led by Prof Bob Mash and his team at the Division of Family Medicine and Primary Care, Stellenbosch University. Funding for visibility activities is included in the project budget. See also Project Outputs page.

On 2 March 2016, Zelra Malan and Klaus von Pressentin presented an overview of the progress made and future direction for the EuropeAid project as it turns the 2-year mark: please see PowerPoint presentation.

  1. Primafamed workshop 2014

  2. Primafamed workshop 2015

  3. Primafamed workshop 2016​

  4. The Network: TUFH conference 2014

    The EuropeAid project team is pictured here with workshop co-presenters from China, India, Brazil and Belgium.

    The group of co-presenters published an article, "The roles and training of primary care doctors: China, India, Brazil and South Africa​​" in the Human Resources for Health journal, December 2015: 
    Human Resources for Health 2015, 13:93doi:10.1186/s12960-015-0090-7
    The electronic version can be found online at: http://www.human-resources-health.com/content/13/1/93​​

  5. The Network: TUFH conference 2015
    The EuropeAid project team is pictured here with colleagues from Lesotho, India, Botswana and South Africa
    Presentations made by EuropeAid project team (PDF of PowerPoint presentations available below - please select presenter):

  6. The Network: TUFH conference 2016

    Dr Klaus von Pressentin represented the project team at the conference, held in Shenyang, China.  Abstracts of his oral and poster presentations are available. He presented on the postgraduate diploma and the research activities of the project. He is pictured here with international colleagues during one of the parallel sessions.


  7. Botswana Family Medicine conference 2015

    Prof Bob Mash was a keynote speaker at the 3rd National Family Medicine Conference of Botswana
    (September 2015)

    Plenary Presentation (PDF of PowerPoint presentation)_Bob Mash.pdf
    plenary talk Bob Botswana 2015.PNG

  8. 2nd National C​onference of Family Medicine and Primary Care 2015​ (organised by the Academy of Family Physicians of India) - http://www.fmpc2015.com/

    Dr Zelra Malan on the development of a national postgraduate diploma in family medicine
    Design of a new Post Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine South Africa.pdf
    PPT title slide zelra india.PNG

  9. Reference to EuropeAid project in reports, newsletters and other publications


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