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Mission of SUAS

The mission of SUAS is to develop a platform where students belonging to the Tygerberg Student Union (TSU), as well as personnel affiliated to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and Tygerberg hospital will have the opportunity to develop their shared interests in anatomy within the clinical context. There will be three aspects or components of SUAS that will be addressed equally. These include research, health professions education and clinical application of anatomy. SUAS will strive to accomplish this through talks, forums and interactive workshops​.


Objectives of SUAS

  1. ​To stimulate, encourage and highlight advances in the field of anatomy and anatomy-related research.

  2. To enhance clinical and educational applications of anatomy and its implications in the healthcare setting.

  3. To develop and expand skills and understanding of anatomy. ​​

Executive Committee 2020/2021


Executive Committee 2019/2020

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​​​2nd Annual Grand Round Programme

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