Body Donation Programme at Stellenbosch University

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The Division of Clinical Anatomy sincerely thanks the donors for the selfless donations of their bodies for medical research and training. ​​

A very important part of medical education is using cadavers to teach anatomical structures to healthcare professionals. Therefore, the Division of Clinical Anatomy​ at Stellenbosch University urges people to donate their bodies for use in anatomical studies to ensure that the students we train today are the best medical professionals of tomorrow.

The use of donated bodies is specifically related to teaching and research for Science, Health Science, and Allied Health Science students as well as Medical Specialists. Donated bodies are treated with the utmost respect and the anonymity of the individual donor will not be compromised in any format or for any reason. Any research that will be conducted on the donated body has to be evaluated and approved by the Stellenbosch University Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) to ensure that the use of the remains is not compromised in any legal or ethical regard. 

If you consider donating your body, complete the form below. Send the completed form, along with a copy of your ID, to Mr. Logan Williams either via email (su_bodydonations@sun.ac.za) or via post:​


Stellenbosch University
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Department of Biomedical Sciences
Division of Clinical Anatomy
PO Box 241 Cape Town 8000​


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