Division of Clinical Anatomy

Vision and Mission

The Division of Clinical Anatomy is engaged in the training and research of under- and postgraduate students in all disciplines at the FMHS.


Our Vision

  • To achieve an international reputation for education, research, and social responsiveness within a rapidly changing scientific and technological environment. We endeavour to recruit, develop and retain staff that is diverse, committed, and enthusiastic, to serve as role models to our students. 

Our Mission

  • Committed to actively contributing to society by pursuing education and research at a global level of excellence that will promote health and development. 

Our Values

  • The base through which the Division will realise its mission and vision for the future in teaching, research, and clinical practice.
  • We, the academic, technical, and support staff:
    • will strive towards the equal advancement of all students and staff.
    • will encourage mutual respect and demand the highest standard of professional conduct and ethical behaviour.
    • will actively support diversity within our staff and student complement.
    • will manage resources in a responsible and accountable manner.​