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Anaesthesiology and Critical Care

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Meet the Team


​Professor Sean Chetty

MBChB(Natal), DCH(SA), DA(SA), FCA(SA) Cert.Crit.Care(SA) PhD
Executive Head of Department

Professor Chetty is an Anaesthesiologist with a sub-specialist qualification in Critical Care.  In addition, he has e​xtensive clinical and research experience in Pain Medicine and is the President of the South African pain society (Pain SA).

Professor Chetty was the recipient of the 2019/2020 Discovery Foundation MGH Scholarship, which afforded him the opportunity to complete a fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University in Boston, USA in 2019/2020

His areas of research interests include acute pain management for the obstetric patient and the management of pain and sedation in the critically ill patient.  He has a passion for expanding medical education and is regularly involved in knowledge expansion initiatives for health care professionals in South Africa and internationally.

​Management Te​​a​​m​​

Dr Latifa Firfiray

MBChB, Dip Obst, DA, FCA, MMed (Anaes)
Head of Clinical Unit - Anaesthesiology

Clinical & Academic responsibilities: Anaesthesiology Clinical Services – Tygerberg Hospital 


Dr Theresa Louw

Head of Clinical Unit - Anaesthesiology

Academic & Clinical responsibilities: Education Programmes

Dr Francois W Retief 

MBChB (Stell), DA (SA), PDD (UWC), FCA (SA), MMed (Anaes) (Stell)
Head of Clinical Unit - Anaesthesiology

Clinical & Academic responsibilities: Regional Anaesthesia and Post-graduate programme 

​Dr Jonathan Burke

MBChB, DA, FCA, MMed (Anaes)
Head of Clinical Unit - Anaesthesiology

Clinical & Academic responsibilities: District Anaesthesiology Services

Nadiya Ahmed.png

Dr Nadiya Ahmed
MBChB (Natal), FCS (SA), MMed (Surg)(Stel), Cert.Crit.Care(SA)
Interim Head: Critical Care Unit

Clinical and Academic responsibilities: General Surgeon and Intensivist. Current focus and research interests : nutrition in the critically ill adult, antimicrobial therapy, source control, development of economic bedside sepsis monitoring tools and telematics in critical care education.

Medical Specialist - Anaesthesiology Tygerberg Hospit​​al


Dr Annemé Breedt

Special Interest: Pre-operative assessment clinic

Dr Annemie Burke
MBChB (Stell), FCA, DA, DCH, MMed (Anaes)

Special Interest: Paediatric Anaesthesia, Acute Pain Management, Burns Anaesthesia & Trauma Anaesthesia

Dr Celeste Cilliers

Special Interest: Paediatric Anaesthesia

Administrative responsibilities:  Elective visitors co-ordinator, Chair of the Wellness Committee

Dr Willem De Villiers
MBChB, DA(SA), FCA(SA), MMed (Anaes)

Special Interest: Peri-operative Echocardiography

Administrative responsibilities:  Pharmacy

Dr Johan Dippenaar
MBChB (UP), D(SA), FC(SA), MMed (Anaes)(US)

Academic and Clinical Responsibilities:

Special interests: Paediatric and Neurosurgical anaesthesia.

Administrative responsibilities: Theatre rostering


Dr Carmen Drude

MBChB(Stell), DA(SA), FCA(SA), MMed(Anaes) 

Special interest: Trauma Anaesthesia and Obstetrics Anaesthesia.


Dr Andrea Jacobs

MBChB (Stell), FCA (SA), MMed (Anaes) 

Special interests: Critical Care, Obstetric and Paediatric anaesthesia,  Education and Simulation.

Dr Marianne Johnson
MBChB (Stell), DA(SA), MMed (Anaes), FCA

Special Interest: Pre-operative assessment clinic

Administrative responsibilities: Consumables

Dr Andries Joubert

Special Interest:  Regional Anaesthesia

Administrative responsibilities: Electronic medical records


Dr T Kallenbach


Special Interest: Perioperative medicine, Vascular anaesthesia, Wellness, Education and simulation​​

Andre Links.jpg

Dr Andre Links
MBChB (Stell)  DA (SA) DMH (SA) FCA(SA)

Special Interest: Neuroanaesthesia and Intensive Care

Administrative responsibilities: Electronic theatre booking systems​​

R Overmeyer photo.JPG

Dr Reinhard Overmeyer
MBChB(Stell) DA(SA) FCA(SA) MMed(Anaes)

Special Interest: Medical education and simulation, Airway management, and anaesthesia for vascular, otorhinolaryngology, neuro- and plastic surgery.

Administraive responsibilities: ERAS liaison. Anaesthetic consumables.  DACC guidelines editor. 

Dr Renilda Pillay
MBChB, DA (SA), MMed (Anaes), FCA (SA)

Special Interest: Paediatric Anaesthesia

Administrative responsibilities:  Morbidity and mortality.

Dr Simone Piovesan

Special Interest:  Blood Conservation strategies and Bariatric Surgery


Dr Delia Schuster

MBChB (Stell), DA (SA), FCA (SA), MMed (Anaes) 

Special interest: Chronic pain clinic, Physician wellness and education.​


Dr Annette Theron
MBChB(Stell), Dip Obst(SA), DA(SA), FCA (SA), MMed (Anaes) (UKZN)

Special Interest: Peri-operative medicine. Obstetric Anaesthesia

Administrative responsibilities: Rostering

Dr Stephen Venter

Administrative responsibilities: Peri-operative TOE & Critical Care 

Medical Specialist – Crit​i​​​​​cal Care​


Dr Ryan Davids
MBChB(Stell), DA (SA), MMed (Anaes), FCA(SA)

Special Interest: Neuroanaesthesia, Critical Care, Biomedical Ethics

Administrative responsibilities: Research co-ordinator

Dr Usha Lalla
MBChB, FCP(SA) Cert.Crit.Care (SA)

Special Interest: Medical Critical Care

Administrative responsibilities: Operational head: A5 ICU

Medical Specialist – Anaesthesiology District Servic​​e​​​​s​​​​

​Dr Adéle de Goede

MBChB(Stell); DA(SA); FCA(SA); MMed(Anaes)

Special Interest: Resilience in Anaesthesia training and development, Anaesthesia nurse training

Administrative responsibilities: District servcies for Eerste River and Heldeberg hospitals 

Dr Sarwat Ha​meed Ikram
MBChB, DA (SA), MMED (Anaes)

Special Interest: District Anaesthesia

Administrative responsibilities: District servcies for Khayelitsha District Hospital

Dr Megan Jaworska
MBChB, DA, FCA, MMed (Anaes)

Special Interest: FATE

Administrative responsibilities: District services for Karl Bremmer and Heldeberg hospitals

Administrative​ Staff

Hazel Dryding
Personal Assistant to Prof Sean Chetty​
Tel: +27 21 938 9030

Charlaine Janse van Rensburg
Student Administration
Tel: +27 21 938 9231


Nadeema Williams
Administrative Officer
Tel: +27 21 938 9028

​Magdaleen Esterhuyse

R2 - Tygerberg Hospital
Tel: +27 21 938 5142