Welcome to Stellenbosch University


26 & 27 AUGUST 2020 (afternoons)


The value of face-to-face interaction can never be underestimated, but there are times when adding virtual accessibility to your event is a necessity.

The virtual program will ​run on smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, and similar devices. Each presentation format, from keynotes to posters, will be interactive in different ways. Some sessions will be live, and others pre-loaded.

We limited the time of live content to around 4 hours each day, mindful of that WIFI access and download speeds can vary.  

REGISTER HERE for the 1st online AAD meeting and to qualify for CPD points.​

CPD points will be awarded for attendance per session.  Ensure to log in for all sessions you are interested in!

A WhatsApp help line will be available for those who might experience difficulty in logging in.  Please ensure that you have a bandwidth of at least 5 MBps in order to follow the virtual conference.

Complimentary Registration Includes

  • Continuing education credits
  • Password protected access to all conference oral sessions

Confirmation letter will be send to registered delegates only at least 2 weeks before the start of AAD 2020.


CPD points will be applied for by Stellenbosch University.

The CPD monitoring is being managed online by logging in per session.  Please ensure that you log on no later than 5 minutes after the start of a session. Points will be allocated for attendance per session.  

CPD certificates will be distributed to all registered participants as per the email address used to register for AAD 2020.​