Speech-Language and Hearing Therapy
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Division of Speech-Language Therapy




Mrs Gouwa Dawood

Head of Division
Tel: +27-21-938 9526
E-mail: gouwa@sun.ac.za
Field of teaching:  Audiology for the Speech-Language Therapist; Aural Rehabilitation
Research focus: Paediatric HIV/AIDS; Hearing Impairment; (Central) Auditory Processing​


Dr Berna Gerber
Coordinator: Postgraduate Programme
Senior Lecturer
Tel: +27-21-938-9741 
E-mail: berna@sun.ac.za
Field of teaching: Biomedical ethics, health promotion and prevention, disability studies
Research focus: Early communication intervention; Health professions education; Health humanities

Ms Corneli Strydom

Coordinator: Clinical Programme
Tel: +27-21-938 9586
Fax: +27-21-938 9737
E-mail: corneli@sun.ac.za
Field of teaching: Paediatric dysphagia, neurogenic speech disorders, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), early childhood communication intervention
Research focus: AAC, paediatric feeding problems and dysphagia​​


Dr Adele May

Tel: +27-21-9389494
Email: adeler@sun.ac.za 

Field of teaching: Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), early childhood intervention, disability studies

Research focus: AAC, dementia, severe communication disabilities; participation and inclusion​

Ms Helena Oosthuizen
Tel: +27-21-938 9494
E-mail: oosthe@sun.ac.za
Field of teaching: Language development and disability
Research focus: Language impairment in a multilingual society; Assessment of developmental language impairment​ 

Mrs Monique Visser

Tel:  +27-21-938 9494
E-mail:  mputter@sun.ac.za
Field of teaching: Articulation and Phonological Disorders, Language Development and Disorders
Research focus: Language and Literacy; Health Professions Education​ 

Mrs Faeza Bardien
Coordinator: Undergraduate Programme
Tel: +27-21-938 9099
E-mail: faeza@sun.ac.za
Field of teaching:  Speech and Hearing Science, Acquired neurogenic language disorders
Research focus: Acquired neurogenic communication disorders, Inter-professional education 

Mrs Alida de Beer
Tel:  +27-21-938 9494
E-mail:  aellis@sun.ac.za
Field of Teaching:  Craniofacial Disorders; Voice Disorders; Adult Dysphagia and Research
Resea​rch Focus:  Dysphagia; Adult Neuro, Craniofacial Disorders; Epidemiology​ 

Mrs Faheema Losper 
Tel: +27-21-938-9494
Fax: +27-21-932-0805
Email: faheema@sun.ac.za