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Academic staff in the Division of Occupational Therapy regularly publish in a number of different internationally recognised journals and books. Below is a list of some of our recent published work.

Journal articles


BUCHANAN H, VAN NIEKERK L, GRIMMER KA. Work Transition after hand injury: A scoping review. Journal of Hand Therapy 2021; 0:1-12.

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UNSWORTH C, DICKERSON A, GELINAS I, HARRIES P, MARGOT-CATTIN I, MAZER B, STAPLETON T, SWANEPOEL L, TIMMER A, VAN NIEKERK L, VRKLJAN B. Linking people and activities through community mobility: An international comparison of the mobility patterns of older drivers and non- drivers. Ageing & Society 2021; 0:1-26.​

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DE KLERK SM, VAN NIEKERK L, JEROSCH-HEROLD C, BUCHANAN H. Cognitive Interviewing during Pretesting of the Prefinal Afrikaans for the Western Cape Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand Questionnaire following Translation and cross-cultured Adaptation. Occupational Therapy International 2020; 2020:1-7. 

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Book chapters


ENGELEN A, SILVA CR, MARTIN I, CLOETE LG, SCHILLER S, KAGWIZA JN, HENGELAAR R, CELIK Z. Community Development in Occupational Therapy Education: Learning from Global Experiences. In: saude S, Raposo MA, Pereira N, Rodrigues AI (eds.) Teaching and Learning Practices That Promote Sustainable Development and Active Citizenship, IGI Global, Pennsylvania, USA, 2021: 306-326.​


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