Occupational Therapy
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Dr Susan de Klerk
B OT (SU), DHT (UP), M OT(SU), PhD OT (SU)
Tel: 021 938 9291
Email: sdk@sun.ac.za



Dr Susan de Klerk is a senior lecturer and researcher within the Division of Occupational Therapy. She also acts as fourth year class coordinator. ​Her field of expertise is Hand Therapy, with a special interest in measurement and the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health. The South African context, the nature of injuries unique to this context and the thorough consideration and measurement of all factors that impacts hand health is her research priority. The consideration of how the patient perceives their condition to impact on their activity and participation is of special interest, specifically patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) and the application thereof within our context. In addition, she is interested in the understanding of the constructs of activity and participation and the variation that exists in different settings, influenced by personal and environmental factors; and in the case of PROMs, the cross cultural adaptation of the language of the measure to ensure validity and reliability.