Occupational Therapy
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​Division of Occupational Therapy 

Learning and Teaching

Undergraduate programme​: Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

In the Bachelor of Occupational Therapy programme you learn how to plan and execute suitable treatment programmes for individual clients, groups, and communities that enables and empowers them to participate in daily activities, and so improve their health and their wellbeing. You also learn to advise other people who are involved in a supportive role – for instance primary school teachers, employers or relatives – to indirectly address problems that may affect functioning in specific environments. Occupational therapists are also important advocates for people with physical and mental health problems.


This is a four-year programme. The first year of the programme is presented at the Stellenbosch Campus and the rest of the programme at the Tygerberg Campus. There are a number of different options for accommodation on each campus. The programme comprises a study of Occupational Therapy (theory and practice), Psychology, Sociology, Special Physics, Industrial Psychology, Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology for Allied Health Sciences and Research Methodology in Occupational Therapy. All subjects are taught under the T-option of the Stellenbosch University language policy.


This programme is followed by a year of community service for the Department of Health. After completing community service you will be eligible for registration as an occupational therapist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.