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Therapeutic Nutrition


Therapeutic Nutrition coordinator​: Prof Renée Blaauw

Prof Renée Blaauw
Dr Zarina Ebrahim
Ms Valentine L Khumalo
Prof Evette van Niekerk
Ms Janicke Visser​

Therapeutic Nutrition applies the nutritional and behavioural sciences, including the study of food, to provide patients with total nutritional care in the form of nutrition counselling and dietary prescription. The aim is for students to develop skills in the four basic components of clinical dietetics – needs assessment and the planning, implementation and evaluation of nutritional care – as related to a variety of diseases.

​Students are involved in medical and/or academic ward rounds, nutritional assessment of patients, appropriate nutritional prescriptions, nutritional consultations and education of in-and out-patients (individually and/or group basis). Students are also involved in basic patient administration by managing patient statistics and utilizing information and communication tools for acquisition of laboratory results and for ordering prescribed diets and enteral feeds.