Family Medicine & Primary Care
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Division of Family Medicine and Primary Care


Education and training mission statement

At the undergraduate level the teaching platform is expanded in urban health centres and through the model of the rural clinical school and the continuous longitudinal clerkship (CLIC).

The content of the clinical rotations is better co-ordinated with other disciplines to ensure synergy and complementary contributions. The content focuses on the most common presentations and conditions and the key graduate attributes. There is an emphasis on service learning, social responsibility and teamwork. The new discipline of family medicine is marketed to the new generation.

At the postgraduate level there is a focus on empowering the quality of clinical supervision and training in the complexes as well as linking the on-line learning and on-site training. Staff are able to guide students in deeper learning, critical reflection, problem based learning and facilitation of small group activities. Staff mentor students in leadership, change management and clinical governance.

The Division also explores more collaboration with the training of primary care nurses and all members of the primary care team (CHWs, nurses, medical officers). Inter-professional learning and teaching is embedded into the training programmes.

All staff involved in clinical training and supervision are actively involved in continuing professional development that enhances their teaching skills and receive feedback on the quality of their education and training. Sufficient staff are employed to meet the training needs at both under and postgraduate levels. Joint staff are able to prioritise education and training and meet their obligations.

The Division supports the development of education and training in family medicine elsewhere in Africa, for example through external examination for other Universities, PRIMAFAMED, SURMEPI and our twinning relationship with the University of Botswana.

The Division provides continuing professional development activities and short courses to the district health services.

The Division supports the concept of compulsory family medicine training for all doctors that want to pursue a career in primary care.