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Raeesa_sonar.jpgEmergency point-of-care ultrasound

Target group: Any healthcare provider (doctors, nurses, prehospital personnel), no previous ultrasound training needed
Overall aim of the course
  • ​To provide foundational theoretical knowledge and psychomotor skills for emergency point-of-care ultrasound users
Educational outcomes of the course:
  • To understand the basic principles and terminology of ultrasound physics
  • To comprehend the basic characteristics of the ultrasound equipment
  • To comprehend and identify the most common ultrasound artifacts
  • To develop proficiency in obtaining optimised ultrasound images
  • To correctly perform and interpret appropriately indicated emergency point-of-care ultrasound:
    • Extended focused assessment with sonography in trauma (eFAST)
    • Basic lung ultrasound
    • Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) assessment
    • Focused emergency echocardiography
    • Deep venous thrombosis (DVT) assessment by limited compression ultrasound
    • Central venous access with ultrasound guidance
    • Focused Assessment with Sonography for HIV-associated tuberculosis (FASH)
    • Basic renal ultrasound. 
The course consists of online materials and a one-day hands-on training course. Registered for 11 CPD points.
Course director: Dr Niël van Hoving (nvhoving@sun.ac.za)

For more information contact Dr N van Hoving (nvhoving@sun.ac.za​) ​