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The following organs are what forms Student Governance. These elected bodies serve as the government of the student body which also have other constituencies assisting the functioning of, for example, ex-officio portfolios. The Student Constitution, chapters 9 and 10, notes the councils as the ex-officio portfolios in the SRC, however, they serve as the main elected bodies on their campuses hence they form under the governance structure of the student community.

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SRC - OSG.pngTSR -OSG.pngMASC2.png

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Student Court - OSG.pngStudent Parliament - OSG.pngTygerberg Student Parliament - OSG.png

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Societies Council - OSG.pngTygerber Societies Council - OSG.png 

Academic Affairs Council - OSG.pngTygerberg Academic Affairs Council - OSG.png

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Stellenbosch Elections.pngTygerberg Elections.png


Die Matie - OSG.png